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Psychotherapeutic group
Codependency is a relationship with a fixation on another person.
The most common model of relationships are the codependent relationships, with a fixation on the partner. We were taught this way - to live the life of another, to love another and to idealize another. The focus was always on the outside, not on the inside.
But why do some men and women reject good partners and constantly choose those who cause them suffering? Why do they repel people who offer them love for those who reject, insult and fail to notice them? Why are negative relationships repetitive, even though we thought we learned our lesson and we want to meet a different type of a partner?

All this is the result of a long chain of interactions with rejecting parents or with one of them from early childhood.
Our "hopeful part" is still looking for and attracting the partner who, with its coldness and detachment, is like a significant adult, from whom it was so important to receive love and acceptance. And only such emotionally cold partners are attractive, because they allow us to try to get their love and recognition.

At the moment of break up of such relationships, their importance greatly increases for the one who was left behind. They describe it as a feeling of abandonment. Subconsciously, the partner who left, continues to be perceived as omnipotent, as the one who holds your life in his or her hands. And that is why it becomes so important to hold onto this relationship at all costs.
Work format:
Exercises and experiments. Various tasks that will allow you to better understand yourself and others.

Individual group work. Each participant can request an individual session with the leader of the group. The rest of the participants only listen to them, but they do give feedback at its end.

Group dynamics. This is when the group participants communicate with each other, and I help participants understand how they can communicate, build relationships and how they can get rid of the destructive patterns of behavior.

Thematic small lectures where I will explain the theoretical aspects of psychological phenomena.

The purpose of the group

During this group you will get the opportunity to realize

- what exactly makes you painfully cling to a cold escaping partner, and vice versa, to not be involved with those who like you.

- You will face your feelings while making practical exercises and you will see exactly how you will build contact with the other members of the group.

- You will have the opportunity to get real feedback from the other participants on how you are as a person and a potential partner.

- You will learn how to get out of the vicious cycle that gets you into such relationships and how to remain an interesting, self-sufficient person while building a happy relationship.

Group information
Members: up to 8 group members
Date 3 February 2019
Time of 19.00-22.30 Moscow time
The cost of the group-80 $
Leader Violetta Vinogradova
Translator Nikolay Kosyachenko


Violetta Vinogradova
  • Gestalt therapist, Jungian analyst
  • Supervisor
  • Leading psychotherapeutic groups
  • Over 10 years of practice


Nikolay Kosyachenko

E-mail: samsonova.violetta@gmail.com
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